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I've had many visions for this website - some entirely selfless and some entirely selfish. 

In some ways, this is a space for me to be wildly in the spotlight, fully expressed - and the beauty in that is that by giving myself permission to celebrate all that I am, I recognise that I am also giving you permission to celebrate you. 

My dream for this place is that it becomes the Connection, the Bridge - between you and me, you and yourself, nature and elegance, material and spiritual. 


I hope this space is, for you, what I dreamed it might be.  

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May your days be bright. _May your heart
Pink Blossom
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Spider Web
Own your power. _Own your beauty. _Own y
Palm Leaf
Thank you 2019 for making me an Aunt aga
Wet Leaves
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Tropical Leaves
Fern leaf
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Forest Trees
Frozen Forest
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Photo Jul 04, 1 46 10 PM.jpg
Cracked Glacier
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Photo Feb 23, 3 07 24 PM.jpg
Frozen Leaves
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City Outline
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Dahlia Flower
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Fog and Nature

About Me

I am a self-described Bridge and Channel. I endeavour to hold the space in-between, to help people hear and understand each other, Nature, God, even themselves better.

My work is primarily focused in Spiritual Teaching and Voice Acting, where I use my talents to call all I meet back to themselves.

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