A Natural Connection

No matter what your belief system, I think we can all agree that there was a time on this planet when man and animal existed in harmony...

When man understood the life cycle, and even when he killed to eat, he did so in a sacred way - a time when man and animal did not fear each other...but respected each other and when trust could be earned.

I was watching a DNR show last night, and it struck me over and over how many regulations we have that separate us from animals...in the name of protecting them.

I understand that there are reckless humans - reckless humans who have, for many centuries, wiped out indigenous peoples and species without a second thought... and I do believe in guarding against that - but when people are SO regulated in their interactions with animals, it actually creates MORE reckless people.

People who pick up meat from the grocery store, completely oblivious to the horror that is our meat industry; people who consume the fear and pain of animals who were not honored in death nor thanked for their sacrifice who then wonder why they struggle with digestion.

People who look at animals as dollar signs because they've grown oblivious to the smell of wildflowers in the wind or the softness of a newborn calf.

When people are cut off from nature, we lose part of ourselves.

We lose our instincts. We lose our heritage. We lose our connection to Mother Earth and to the strength that she provides.

We lose the ability to understand the medicine which each creature and plant offers.

And we devolve into savages wearing suits and eating things we don't understand.

We NEED connection; we crave it. Our diseases reflect our lack of it.

Go outside today.

Talk to a squirrel.

Talk to an ant.

Discover the secrets they're longing to share with you.

Claim your birthright.


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