Enjoying Your Vision

How much time do you put into enjoying your vision?

So often, we have goals and time frames and we get worried sick when they don't come the way or in the time frame that we want them to.

We rush - the way we rush video games - not truly enjoying the experience, but always attempting to get to the next level because then we can "enjoy the game."

When is the last time you just enjoyed the heck out of daydreaming?

Or enjoyed your meditation?

Or do you find yourself often just USING these tools in an attempt to get what you want - only using them when you need them?

Do you think the universe can't tell that you're trying to bullshit it?

You're doing these "things" to get into a state of manifestation, but if you're not enjoying the process, you can't be in a state of manifestation... because you're in a state of panic, crisis, or rush.

In fact, in the moments right before time "runs out," if you want to truly call in what you want, you must be at your most calm, most trusting... and therefore most capable of springing into action when you're given a task to complete.

But all of that means CHOOSING, in every moment, to enjoy the deliciousness of crafting your vision, the deliciousness of watching for its arrival, the deliciousness of knowing, without any doubt, that it is yours already and that time is not capable of keeping anything from you.

If God exists outside of time and created (or at least imagined) you outside of time - then time has no hold on you - therefore everything happens in perfect time, and you actually get to decide when that is.

It is your trust and your enjoyment which create worlds - which manifest all things to you, which give you exactly what you've been wanting.

So... stop rushing to the next level.

Take time to unclench your teeth and your gut and to ENJOY the vision of what you are creating - to ENJOY the creation process - to ENJOY the manifestation that IS already happening, whether or not your eyes can yet perceive it.

Your joy is crucial to this process.

So USE that vision board, daydream, spend time ACTIVELY creating and calling things in, and enjoy the process.

I promise - everything you need is on its way.

All My Love,

Anna Marie

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