I lost my vision for a while. Have you ever done that? Become so wrapped up in and consumed by your day to day life... Or your minor dreams... Or your emotional gunk... That you lost sight of who you Are and Why you're even here in the first place? The funny thing, in my case, is that I could say who I was and I could say why I was here fairly accurately... I just couldn't see it anymore. Couldn't feel it. Couldn't taste it. That's why they say heart knowledge and head knowledge are not the same. We all go through waves and cycles - rhythm is a fundamental part of life itself but you can only get so far in life when you forget to feel who you are. In fact, if you're like me, if you can feel who you are, even purpose becomes secondary - simply BEING is purpose enough... But if you can't feel who you are, you become aimless, drifting, begging for outside proof and clarification of purpose... And no matter how many times it is revealed to you, you lack the ability to understand because you don't have the right parameters to filter it through. Who am I? The driving question of my entire life and one that answering has always been a tidal wave of analogy and comparison and only little, blinking moments of true understanding. When is the last time you connected so deeply to your soul that you could feel every inch of you on fire as you saw a vision of who you actually are to the point that your next steps were written before your eyes as if in stone? It is rare, indeed, to meet someone who understands themselves on this level consistently... Without more often than not getting caught up in labels which only detail one small piece of the overall picture. So the question becomes - how do you craft this vision in such a way that coming back to it doesn't take weeks and months of aimless wandering? 1. Surround yourself with people who can call you back to it, who can see it without asking you what it is. 2. Make time to sit with yourself, whether in silence or just listening to the tumultuous thoughts in your head. 3. When your spirit asks you to face things, face them... Not doing so is almost always the thing that most costs us our vision of who we really are. Between when I started this article and when I finished it, I lost it again... I lost it because I was so focused on business and consumed in fear and addiction to fear and avoidance that my vision became clouded. That's going to happen... And that's where grace and mercy come in. Expect that there will be times when you run from who you are - that's natural. Demand that it happen less often without judgement for when it does. Who are you? Behind the labels, true or false. Behind the masks. Behind the fear. What is the essence of your being? What vision is it calling to mind? And will you give in to all that you are today?


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