No matter how Western your culture, we all stem from Tribal Roots.

Civilization both expanded and severely wounded the human experience - it gave us technology...and cut us off from Community, gave us efficiency...and cut us off from Nature, gave us the time we needed to deal with the wounds of our ancestors...but numbed us to emotions to keep us in line.

Civilization is a beautiful, incredible gift that our ancestors gave us, but like so many gifts, it came with a curse.

Because WE did not experience a primal existence, we could never appreciate the gift without letting it consume us...at least for a time.

There is a Great Calling at this time for people to return to their roots, to the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors.

You see it in the People rising up and being called into Spiritual Practices, Shamanism, Healing - many of them guided not by research but by a primal understanding and guidance from Spirit.

You see it in the obsession of the general population with anything ancient or sacred - even though they do not know how to properly honor what they are called to.

Perhaps you, too, have felt a calling to study the roots of your heritage - maybe you, like me and many others, have been seduced by ancestry sites and DNA tests, digging into the past to understand the future.

There is a reason behind this.

As we moved into the millennia of increased civilization, we left behind some very integral pieces of what it means to be Human.

We traded Spirit for a god we could box in.

We traded spirituality for confining, suffocating religion.

We traded community for emotional isolation.

We traded proper expressions of emotion for numbness.

We traded our sacred bond with Nature for concrete and worthless money.

We traded communion with Animals for zoos and animal conservation.

We traded our intuition for acceptable behaviour.

And until we take back each of those things, we naturally feel lost, purposeless, drifting the best we can toward retirement and death.

Study your roots.

Study a culture with which you resonate.

Here's a little secret - they all have such remarkable similarities.

Whether a tribe was nomadic or stationary, fair skinned or dark as midnight, curly-haired or straight-haired, short or tall... nearly all of them had a connection to Source, rituals to remind them of what was sacred and to set them back on the Right Path, a deep connection to Nature, ways of communicating with Animals, Energetic/Earth Healing, sacred connections within community, and a necessity for deep understanding of Self and one's Gifts.

Where in your life do you need to invoke your Heritage?

Where in your life do you need to reclaim the Ways of the Tribe?

Where in your life do you need to reinstate How to Human?

And what exactly are you waiting for?

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