While I was creating my podcast for the week, I got incredibly discouraged...

I kept thinking I was being led to different topics (and I was), but I couldn’t complete an episode, so I kept thinking I’d “heard” incorrectly.

The reality was that there was nothing whatsoever wrong with my intuition or perceived guidance - they were both right on the money... but what I couldn’t see is that I had to do the “wrong” episodes three times in order to get to the right one (you can check out the episode on Anchor.fm/annamarieisms to see what I mean).

Sometimes in life... we think that because we don’t want to stay where we were guided that we “heard wrong.”

We blame our intuition, leading to a mistrust of that intuition, or we blame our ability to hear God or our guides or the universe or whomever/whatever correctly.

This creates an inability to trust our own judgement...

Next time you catch yourself questioning yourself and your decisions, ask yourself when you last blamed yourself for a “bad” or “wrong” decision.

Now - it’s true, sometimes, when we are out of alignment and allowing our Ego to call the shots, we can make some pretty gnarly, stupid, absolutely dead wrong decisions... but.

When we are in alignment and using our emotions rather than being used by them, we cannot make wrong decisions.

Believing we can is to believe the ploy the Ego used to regain power and control over our lives.

I realised by the end of my recording that starting each “wrong” episode was entirely necessary.

Now - there were two decisions I COULD have made that would have derailed what I was meant to create...

I could have kept that first episode... and stubbornly said “this is what I was guided to do!”

Or - I could have walked away from the whole thing and said “my intuition sucks tonight.”

What I did instead was re-align back to my intention of creating a podcast that would change someone’s life... and started recording without having any idea what direction I was heading.

If you‘ve been beating yourself up for “bad” intuition... or stubbornly staying in a place where you aren’t happy - please listen to me... there is nothing wrong with your intuition.

There is nothing wrong with your inner voice/guidance system.

Stop doubting yourself because the path looks different than you expected.

Re-align and take another step.

You‘ve got this.

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