The Struggle is REAL

How many times have you heard that phrase in the last 2-3 years?

How many times have you heard someone extol the virtues of the underdog and the struggle and difficult situations?

"Fall in love with the struggle!"

"I love the struggle!"

"Every day is a struggle, and you gotta wake up and grind through it!"

We are so in love with the burning part of the Phoenix Syndrome that we set our lives on fire over and over and over again just so we can have the story of the build up - we're obsessed with it.

And the funny thing is - most people don't need to burn... most people don't need to hit rock bottom. You don't have to manufacture a hard luck story in order to be a success and fulfill your dreams... and yet that is EXACTLY what many people are doing.

Think about half of the memes that float around the internet - joining everyone in combined laughter about the suffering they're enduring together so that they don't have to feel alone... and anyone who can't identify with those memes is seen as "uppity" and someone who shouldn't be looked up to... because misery hates anyone who doesn't join in.

One of my (least) favorite things that I see hundreds of "entrepreneurs" share on social media is the question "Would you rather be given $1 million or work for $1 million?" And the answer you're "supposed" to give?

You guessed it! The latter.

Because "hard work" and "struggle" is actually valued by many as worth more than actual success.

Anyone who appears to have gotten where they are without those two things is automatically snubbed or talked badly about... and yet the funny thing is, if most people were honest with themselves... they wish their lives were easier... and they're JEALOUS as hell of the people who don't seem to struggle as badly as them.

Guys... the martyr thing - it isn't even necessary.

Most of you are only "struggling" because you are choosing to be.

Now - challenges - yes, THOSE are necessary for growth and success... but they aren't something that are forced on us, and they don't have to be something that we're miserable through.

Pick the challenges you LOVE.

And ENJOY the heck out of them!!

Rather than trying to find yet another reason to be miserable.

Love Always,

Anna Marie

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