So today, I went outside, and I noticed a couple of bushes which were overrun with ivy.

So I got some scissors and some shears and started the painstaking process of recognising plant from ivy and stripping the ivy away.

About halfway through freeing what I thought was the bush, I realised that the leaves on one side of the bush were different from the leaves on the other side...

So I looked closer - and what I thought was the bush I'd been freeing was actually just another vine that was mimicking bush-like leaves.

And it got me to thinking...

We get this false idea in our heads very often that our beliefs are who we are.

Stay with me here - we are the plant...

And the world around us: our parents, our teachers, our family, our friends plant vine seeds all around us.

Some of these, we fight off - we can easily recognise that they are not ours.

And others we take on as part of our identity, even though the leaves never match.

We get fooled because their grip is so strong and their leaves look bush-like.

When you first start the journey of personal development, it is one of the most confusing things in the world...

Because as you begin attempting to discover who you are, you learn that many things which you identified with were never you in the first place.

And it's painful and raw to strip those beliefs from yourself and attempt to navigate the world without them when that's who you thought you were.

What beliefs are you still carrying that you confuse with who you are?

Are they political? Religious? Spiritual? Relational? Beliefs about your body? Your intelligence? Your success or failures? Your luck in love?

Are you willing to risk giving them up to finally get to know the real you?


In the case of the bushes, I think (think for one, know for the other two) I caught the infestation in time - the vines were slowly stealing the life from them, just as your beliefs can slowly drain you of who you are and who you were meant to be.

The only logical solution is to study yourself, get out the shears... And start cutting.

Loving you always,

Anna Marie

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