1. equivalent in value to the sum or item specified

2. sufficiently good, important, or interesting to justify a specified action; deserving to be treated or regarded in the way specified

3. used to suggest that the specified course of action may be advisable

4. having income or property amounting to a specified sum


1. the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be rated or valued.

2. high value or merit (Source: Google Dictionary)


from the Old English weorp meaning "significant, valuable, of value; valued, appreciated, highly thought-of, deserving, meriting; honorable, noble, of high rank; suitable for, proper, fit, capable" also "value, price, price paid; monetary value" and later "excellence, nobility"

from the Proto-Germanic wertha- meaning "toward, opposite," hence "equivalent, worth" and later "equivalent to, of the value of, valued at; having importance equal to; equal in power to"

also a verb which means "to come to be," such as in the archaic expression woe worth the day (Source: etymonline.com)

One of the Primary Core Wounds encoded into the Collective DNA is a feeling of unworthiness.

As a child, we have a fading memory of our worthiness, which is nearly always smothered by our interactions with society and with parents who have long sense forgotten their own.

False humility is a prized trait...only no one seems to realise it is false. When one is confident, he is warned that "pride cometh before the fall" and is told that humility is a virtue.

We are taught very early on that we cannot trust ourselves.

When we don't like a food, we're told to eat it anyway because there are starving children somewhere else. When we don't enjoy hugging someone because they make us uncomfortable, we're taught it's polite. When we enjoy English but not Science or PE but not Math, we are told we aren't trying hard enough and everyone has to learn everything rather than focusing on their areas of expertise.

And so, little by little, we forget our own value, our own merit... our worth.

Why do people stay in crappy relationships? They believe they deserve them.

Why do people eat until they're overweight and fighting health problems? They believe that's what they deserve.

Why do people stay in jobs they hate? They believe they deserve to be unhappy.

We can mask these answers with a thousand others, but every one of those answers would merely lead back to this one: if you are unhappy, it is because you believe you deserve to be so.

The crown jewels of creation, the species that the entire universe is at war over, the beloved children of the planet earth...are all walking around believing that they are unimportant...not special...not worthy...that life should be hard.

When nothing...could be further from the truth.

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